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In Ireland some 50,000 people have a diagnosis of autism (Autism Counts Prevalence Study funded by IAA 2014). Furthermore, it has been proven that for each person diagnosed, five other people’s lives are affected by the diagnosis. In effect, the number of people with autism would fill the Aviva stadium 5 times over with the lives affected by autism.

Internationally, it has been proven that the best approach to maximizing the potential for those on the spectrum is earliest possible detection/diagnosis, earliest possible intervention/therapy, and appropriate education. This is where together, we can make a difference.

We are delighted to be partnered with Early Childhood Ireland to introduce Access Autism, a programme that we anticipate will ‘open doors for children with autism’ to early childhood settings. We at Irish Autism Action recognize that early childhood providers are dedicated and enthusiastic individuals eager to maximise the potential of young children, but that sometimes providers may not feel properly equipped to truly meet the diverse and complex needs of some children.  

We believe this website will be of huge value, providing basic awareness information as well as practical tips and strategies to help you create meaningful inclusive experiences for your entire class or group, but this is only the beginning. We are currently working on a training programme consisting of 3-4 sessions that will equip providers to understand and support the unique behaviour, language and communication, and sensory needs of children with autism.  We are pleased to say that this training will be delivered next year in all 26 counties. 

We would like to extend a big thank you to everyone, all the wonderful children and adults who supported national pyjama day. Irish Autism action and the families we serve are both humbled and honoured by the level of support the awareness day received. Without your support, this project wouldn’t be possible. So hold onto your PJs, we’ll need them again next year to make an even bigger difference. 





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