What We Do

What We Do

Irish Autism Action was founded in 2001 by parents of children with autism. It is an umbrella organisation with 33 member groups and 3,754 individual members. The elected Boards of Directors is made up of parents and is committed to consultative and participative involvement of its membership.



Diagnostic & Assessment Services.

Full multi-discplinary assessment and diagnostic service at Solas.

IAA have been commissioned by the HSE in South Tipperary to provide diagnostic and assessment services to 63 families, now completed. The HSE also commissioned IAA to assess approx 100 children in the Wexford area and these assessments are also completed. 

If people wish to contact the Solas Centre, please contact Sarah at the IAA National Office in Multyfarnham at 044 9371680.


Outreach Service Programme.

Our OSP currently serves 70 families with a range of supports including home based programmes, transition programmes into schools and reintegration of pupils into schools where placements have broken down.

The programme also includes training of school based staff and other professionals connected with the child. All our programmes are supervised by a Behaviour Analyst.

To access this service email kevin@autismireland.ie.



We support families and children with ASD through our Advocacy Service.  We refer adults with ASD to the National Advocacy Service for people with disabilities.

Typical cases relate to health, education and welfare issues and involve appeals, oral hearings, getting an assessment, getting a service,  home support, applying for entitlements, Special Needs Assistants, securing appropriate school placements, school exclusions, transitions,  relationships and sexuality, sexual abuse, adults with autism, disclosure, late diagnosis, respite and residential care, Section 29, parent education and training for schools.

To access advocacy services email kevin@autismireland.ie. Please include a brief outline of your case.


Educational Support.

IAA continues to be involved in support the transition process for our 12 member schools.

Meeting with Minister for Education.

IAA, with American partner The Watson Institute, is examing the whole area of transtition planning.

IAA secured the support of Genio in respect of a project to up skill Irish based professionals and parents.

IAA arranged for Treehouse Trust, Ambitious about Autism to facilitate workshops for Autism and Saplings Ireland schools.


Information Service. 

Irish Autism Action provides an information service in the following areas, diagnosis, benefits and entitlements, education, transitioning, Home Tuition scheme and July Provision, advice for schools, research projects, support/advocacy, support groups/social groups, general information, equipment and resources, DCA refusal, workshops. 

To access this service email Sarah on info@autismireland.ie.


Internet Presence. 

The Irish Autism Action facebook page has 28,000 people in the group. The website has 20,000 visits per month and 9022 people follow Irish Autism Action on Twitter. If you have queries, information, articles or notices for any of these sites please email jen@autismireland.ie.


Research and development:

Camp Wisp - A HSE grant was secured to provide an opportunity for children on the spectrum to be integrated into mainstream summer camp. This camp was undertaken in partnership with The Watson Institute. The finds of this will be made widely available, especially to the DoES as a potential alternative usage for July Provision funding.

Prevalance Study Autism Counts - Irish Autism Action has funded a study that determined the number of people in Ireland who are on the autism spectrum. By providing a concrete figure for incidence of autism the Irish Autism Prevlanace Study will make a compelling case for the State to invest in resources for autistic people. This study was carried out in conjunction with DCU and lead by Professor Anthony Staines. The current rate of Autism in Ireland is 1 in 100. 

Acclaim - A grant was secured from the Genio Foundation to support the training of 12 transition planners on site at their services in Pittsburgh. Phase one of the training was completed in August 2011. Phase two will involve an assessment process for potential students who may be accessing third level education. Phase three, these students will require the input of the transition planners trained via the Genio funding but under the the professional supervision of The Watson Institute. A study group involving the participants has been established to further advance this project. 



Board have arranged for VFM (value for money) review in relation to IAA expenditure.

Comprehensive financial position of IAA will be finalised at the end of October and communicated as appropriate.

Downturn in economy, like all charities, has placed great pressure on IAA.

Strategy to be developed to provide for financial sustainability of this national charity into the future.


Mobile Phone Recycling Campaign.

As at 30th Nov 2014: 

2761 iPads sent to families, 451 sent to schools.

65% of the funds raised from the scheme go back to families in the form of gifts. IAA get 17% of the funds as fundraising and the remaining 18% is used to fund the cost of running the scheme.

The campaign will run for another year, with the 'win your bills paid for a year' draw in December 2013. For more information email jen@autismireland.ie.

Thank you to Swapkit for facilitating this scheme.


Previous Corporate Sponsors:



Applied Materials

McCabes Pharmacy



Expert Electrical



What we did in 2012:

Assessment & Diagnosis - 178.

336 therapy sessions facilitated.

60 families, on average, support through our outreach programme.

207 families supported by advocacy service

Counselling and Information service support to 720 families (average 60 per month)

€1.2m worth of assistive communication technology to families

Transition programme 12 students at DCU.

29% of funds go on administration.

71% to services for families and individuals.


What we did in 2013:

Assessment & Diagnosis - 169.

507 therapy sessions facilitated.

71 families supported through our outreach programme.

219 families supported by advocacy service

Counselling and Information service support to an average of 60 per month

Established sibling support programme

Facilitated social skills groups in partnership with member groups

80% of funds go to services for families and individuals.  

10% of funds on administration.

10%  of funds on cost of fundraising.


Source Page: http://www.autismireland.ie/760/


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