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To make a donation to Irish Autism Action click on the MyCharity link below:  

Irish Autism Action MyCharity.

One of quickest and easiest ways of donating to Irish Autism Action is through the mycharity website.

You simply decide the amount you wish to donate and enter your Debit or Credit card details onto the site.

To make a donation that goes directly to the fundraising bank account of Irish Autism Action, click here

You can also donate using PayPal or by text. Please click on the 'Donate' button below.











There are other ways in which you can help the development of a child with autism, through IAA. You can make a donation, or join in our fundraising events. As a company you can offer sponsorship, participate in give-as-you-earn, staff fundraising. All these funds go directly to the IAA and the benefit of the families affected by autism.

IAA could be your nominated Charity of the Year. If you are a school, why not raise funds through Non Uniform Days, the IAA phone recycling campaign? Go on - make a difference!

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Tax Relief on Charitable Donations

Tax relief on donations to Irish Autism Action mean that we can now make your generosity go even further.

From 1 January 2013, all donations from individuals (both PAYE workers and Self-Assessed) will be treated the same and tax relief in all cases will be at a rate of 31%.

If you donate over €250 to Irish Autism Action it is worth even more to us!


If you are a PAYE or self-assessed tax payer and have given €250 or more in the course of a tax year during 2013 or in previous years, Irish Autism Action can reclaim the tax paid on your donations. Claiming this tax back for Irish Autism Action applies to one-off donations or separate instalments in a given tax year, such as monthly donations. For the first time, Irish Autism Action can claim for self-assessed tax payers who have made donations of €250 or more in 2013.

Example:  A donation of €250 will be grossed up at 31% as follows:  €250*100/69 = €362.32 so the tax refund will be €362.32-€250 =  €112.32.  On this basis the tax refund on a donation of €500 will be€224.64 and on €1,000 it will be €449.27. 

You can download the Tax Relief Form at the end of the page. Simply fill it in and return it to our National Office:


Irish Autism Action,

Coole Rd.,


Co. Westmeath

Companies who donate to Irish Autism Action can themselves avail of tax relief on their donation as we are a registered charity, our registered charity number is 14656.

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Tax relief form for charitable donations< (238.55Kb, PDF)

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