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Name:  Drogheda ABACAS School for Children with Autism & Autism Support Louth&Meath

Address:  Mallard House, Fair St, Drogheda, Co Louth

Phone number:  087 240 7431 / 041 9803366

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Autism Support Louth&Meath is a parent led group which was formed in 2002 by parents with the aim of ensuring that our children with autism were able to access evidence based education in their local community and that they were enabled to maximise every opportunity in their lives.  

As a group of parents we founded the Drogheda ABACAS School for Children with Autism and Complex Needs which is now recognised by the Department of Education.

Drogheda ABACAS School for Children with Autism and Complex Needs provides a child centred, evidence based education which encompasses the national curriculum as well as whatever skills each individual child needs as detailed in their IEP.

We run monthly support groups and coffee mornings, four weekly youth clubs for children and adults with autism, host sibling workshops, provide training for parents, carers and teachers, organise autism friendly cinema outings and work to support parents locally and lobby locally and nationally on disability issues.  And we also fundraise a lot.   We are an energetic proactive involved parent led group.

We recently opened an adult service, “the hub” in partnership with the HSE and a service provider, Praxis..  This was a great achievement and now the young adults with autism and complex needs leaving our school have a specialist community and activity based service to transition into.

Our aims and objectives can be summarised as follows :

 To provide facilitate and promote education for children with autism, in particular the Drogheda ABACAS School for Children with Autism.

To provide and facilitate recreation and leisure activities through our youth clubs and other activities for all children and families affected by Autism.

To support “the Hub”, our post 18 service

To support parents and families affected by autism

To promote a greater knowledge and awareness of autism

To advocate on behalf of children with autism


Our short term goal at the moment is to move our school into our new premises in Sept 2014.  Drogheda ABACAS school is moving to a recently vacated school building. This move will allow us to have much greater space and resources for the children in the school,  The new premises will also be used by our four weekly youth clubs and will enable us to expand the amount of extracurricular and leisure activities for the children. Our longer term goal would be to expand the school and our youth clubs.

ABAILE Autism Support are a self help group of parents in the Louth/Meath area who formed in April 2002 to help children and young people with Autism realise their full potential by facilitating an education using the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis.
Our main Objectives are :
Education : to provide an ABA education for children with Autism and related communication disorders in their local area.
Parent Support : to provide help,  guidance and support to parents and families affected by Autism.
Awareness : to promote a greater knowledge and understanding of Autism
Drogheda ABACAS School which opened on March 10 2003  was the first major project for ABAILE Autism Support. 18 Children attend this first phase of the school.  The Drogheda ABACAS School adheres to the highest standards of worldwide best practice of ABA education.
ABAILE also aims to provide practical support to home programmes through the sharing of physical resources, teaching materials, training and experience. We have run a number of ABA and PECs training courses which have been attended by over 300 people.  We have a very active monthly support group meeting on the 3rd Wed of each month in Donegans , Monasterboice where all are welcome.
Parent Support  ABAILE aims to provide help, guidance and support to parents of Children with Autism.  While concentrating on those working with ABA home programmes we would like to offer assistance to any parent.  ABAILE members meet regularly and also phone and email with any information, news or ideas.   
Advocacy : we provide advocacy services to families in this area helping with form filling , appeals  and lobbying for services on their behalf as well as attending meetings with parents to lend support.
Youth Club : we run  two Saturday Youth Clubs for young people with Autism and Asperger Syndrome from many different schools.    These have been described by one parent as “ saving her teenagers life” during the last year by giving her a social outlet where she is totally accepted and welcomed.
National  ABAILE is a member of and sits on the Board of Directors of Irish Autism Action , the national umbrella group with over 30 member groups.  We advocate and lobby on a national level to ensure better service provision to people with Autism.
Contact Us – If you would like to get on our mailing/text list please contact 087 2407431.   Or please contact us on the emails below or on our website or
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