P.E.A.T is a Northern Ireland Charity providing practical behaviour support and training,

using evidence-based practice, to parents/carers of children and young people with an

Autism Spectrum Disorder (‘ASD’) as well as professionals working with children and young

people with an ASD.

PEAT employs qualified professionals who work in the community across Northern Ireland

inhome and school settings as well as offering consultancy and training to a wide variety

ofprofessionals including health trusts, private care organisations, schools, universities

andchildcare facilities.

PEAT aims to improve social and communicative development of children with autism

usingApplied Behaviour Analysis (‘ABA’); to support and train parents in learning about

ABA,supervising programmes and managing challenging behaviour; and to support and

trainprofessionals in learning about ABA, in helping to understand and manage behaviour

in their professional setting.

PEAT can help children andyoung people with autism, their parents/carers, their siblings

andprofessionals involved with the children.

PEAT can provide assessments and analysis for children and young people with an ASD;

PEATcan put behavioural interventions and individualised programmes in place for

children/youngpeople with an ASD in their home setting, school settings and/or

private care setting and; PEATcan provide professional training and consultancy to

those involved with children and youngpeople with an ASD.

Services for the children and youngpeople with autism and their


ABA Home Programmes, Assessments and Analysis, Monthly Family Days,

Parent Trainingand Social Skills workshops.

Services for Professionals include:

Consultancy for organisations dealing with children and young people with severe

challengingbehaviour and complex needs which includes observations of clients,

intensive assessments,comprehensive reports, behaviour support plan, staff

training, on site support from a BoardCertified Behaviour Analyst as well as

on-going support if necessary.

PEAT provides a wide range of training for professionals offering in-house training

and tailormade programmes to meet the needs of particular organisations.  Training

is appropriate forteachers and teaching assistants, care home staff, community

outreach workers, childcare staff,foster carers, students in the caring field as well as

many other relevant professions.  PEATtraining workshops include:  An Introduction

to Autism, Aspergers and ADHD; ManagingChallenging Behaviour; Promoting Social

Skills; Toileting, Bedtime and Eating; Positive BehaviourSupport; Behaviour

Management; Coping with puberty for the adolescent with an ASD; Supporting

pupils with autism in the classroom and Peer Awareness Training for Autism.

For more information contact via telephone (0) 28 9032 4882, via email

info@peatni.org or go to our website www.peatni.org


Source Page: http://www.autismireland.ie/member-groups/603/

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